המיסוי בהונגריה HUNGARY




A double taxation treaty exists between Israel and Hungary, and Hungary continues to be an interesting jurisdiction for offshore company registration to Israeli investors.

There are 2 basic forms of offshore company – the Limited Liability Company (KFT) and the Share Company (RT)

Requirements for KFT and RT:

1.Minimum paid-in capital:

US$10,500 for LLC (KFT) US$70,000 for Share Companies (RT).

A Government Fee of 2% of paid-up Capital is payable on incorporation.

2. Directors – At least 1 in KFT. Minimum of 3 in RT. Majority of executive officers must be Hungarian. We can provide Nominee Directors.

3. Shareholders/Members – Minimum of one.

4. Resident Office/Agent in Hungary required. We can provide this service.

5. Privacy – Shareholders/owners names are on public record, but privacy can be retained if shareholder/member is a BVI or Delaware offshore company.

6. Time Frame – Upon filing of Articles of Incorporation and payment of paid-in capital Court of Registration will issue registration & tax numbers and company may begin operations.


Hungarian offshore companies are subject to 3% tax on profits.


Formation Fees – including drafting and filing Articles of Incorporation, representation by Hungarian Attorney (required) before Court of Registration and Tax Authorities, obtaining tax number, arranging Notary Public, etc. –

US$4,900 for KFT US$6,500 for RT (including 1st year maintenance).

Additional Disbursements- including Government Fees and Notary

US$675 for KFT US$1900 for RT.

Annual Maintenance Fees

Provide Resident Agent/Office – receive and forward official mail.

US$2,800 p.a. for KFT and for RT.

Important Note:

The above shall not be construed as professional counseling with respect to tax planning and structures. Every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Nevertheless, all information given must be verified at the time of Company Formation and/or request for provision of any Services. It is also subject to change without prior notice.

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